Become a Change Ninja

Why read our Blog?

Change is part of the day to day reality of business and life, affecting everything we do and how we go about getting things done irrespective of our level in an organisation. Despite this, many change initiatives not only fail to deliver, but also cause disruption, low morale and a drop in productivity and profit in the process. Too often this is due to a lack of knowledge and skill in managing change effectively.

The aim of our blog is to help you to succeed in managing change. We want to help you to become a ‘change ninja’ by providing clear and concise practical tips and strategies you can implement now!

This blog will help you get really clear on

  • what needs to change
  • how to make it happen;
  • how to ensure that it really “sticks” to improve performance, productivity and profit


11 steps to developing a crystal clear vision
What do we mean by ‘vision’? Simply, ‘a clear picture of what you want to achieve, where you want to be, and by when’. So, vision is all about your ‘desired future state’. It’s often confused with ‘mission’, however mission is about where you are tod...

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