What We do

Project, Programme and Process Management

Improving the way your organisation’s projects, programmes and processes run to deliver better performance, productivity and profit.

Why you need to think about this:

Delivering change in a structured organised and focussed manner often means it should be delivered as a project, or programme of projects, in order to guarantee delivery. Many organisations however, lack the skills and experience to construct, manage and deliver this through a flexible yet tightly controlled project and programme management approach. Failure to design, focus, manage and control projects and programmes effectively costs time, money, wasted effort, and ultimately leads to project failure. In addition, as part of any change project there is typically a need or opportunity to review and optimise the processes and procedures to fit the new way of working or changing company / customer requirements. Our approach is all about results – the results your organisation needs, provided by a focussed structured and dynamic methodology that always delivers.

What’s in it for you?

Our focused approach to Project & Programme management means we manage and control every stage of the project lifecycle and deliver on time and within budget:

  • Guaranteed delivery from strong leadership focussed on performance.
  • Clear project goals with precise alignment to your business needs.
  • Projects and programmes aligned and responsive to change.
  • Rigorously designed projects with controlled budgets, clear responsibilities and accountabilities, and effective risk management.
  • Savings that result in quicker and less costly delivery.
  • A team that can hit the ground running and work in harmony with your people and culture.
  • Informed decision making and project prioritisation so programmes are properly constructed from the beginning.
  • Clarity and control of dependencies within and across projects.
  • Cost management that allows informed budget decision making.
  • Clear and concise visual progress tracking.

How we can help:

Programme & Project Management

We help deliver the improvements and change needed; we don’t just consult on the approach.

Process Review & Implementation

Process review and optimisation provides the chance to review the way you work, and make improvements to your processes to make sure your teams are:

  • more efficient.
  • more effective.
  • better at avoiding wasted effort.
  • focused on valuable work activities.