Who We are

Why Choose Us

We appreciate that selecting consulting, coaching or development services is an important decision and in a busy market place it can be difficult to know where to start.

  • Our goal is to deliver great results for our clients – every time improving performance, productivity and profit for the long term.
  • Everything we do is based on your needs.
  • We bring leadership and expertise, not a whole team – ‘the team’ is your team.
  • We know why change fails and what it takes to succeed from years of experience.
  • Our reputation is based on your success.

How Do We Do This?

  • We take time to understand you, your organisation and your challenges. We ask you lots of searching questions. That way, we know that nothing is left to chance.
  • We make sure that the chosen type of support or development route is the most effective and appropriate approach to meet your needs. If it’s not we’ll suggest an alternative route.
  • We’re totally results focused – we understand the need for tangible results and return on investment. Once we’ôve taken time to understand you and your objectives, we work with you to agree measures to assess our and your progress and performance – and we regularly review these together to ensure that we stay on track.
  • If we don’t believe that we can deliver a great result, we politely decline to take on a project.
  • A significant percentage of our work comes from personal recommendation.

Our Experience and Standards

  • We are highly experienced professionals and have taken time to gain recognised and accredited post graduate coaching, development and or training qualifications and invest in on-going personal and professional development.
  • We can demonstrate substantial hands on senior leadership and management expertise in both the private and public sector in both large and small organisations. This means that we have direct experience of working in organisations at these levels so really understand the issues and challenges that you might be facing.
  • Our coaches are members of a professional organisation such as the European Mentoring and Coaching Council or the International Coaching Federation. These organisations exist to promote good practice and professional ethics in coaching across the UK and internationally.