What We do

Bespoke People Development

We can work with you to motivate, develop and engage your leaders, managers and teams to be the best they can be now and in the future. Whether it’s working with your board, senior managers or emerging leaders, we can work with you and them in the following ways:

Capability review

A review of your organisational structure, staff numbers, the skills available and your leadership team to ensure your business is best-placed to achieve your corporate objectives.

Leadership, Management and Team diagnostic

An assessment of your people to determine where they are now, where they need to be and what they need to do to get there.

To achieve this, we use a range of approaches including:

  • Psychometrics to help individuals to understand their strengths, their preferred way of operating and to develop an appreciation of the contribution that others who may be very different, can make. The Team profile also enables the team to understand their strengths and potential vulnerabilities.
  • 360 degree feedback surveys before, during and after development, to assess individual leader, manager and team leadership ‘bench strength’.
  • Bespoke ‘pulse’ surveys to understand the level of employee engagement.
  • Analysis of existing management information; business performance figures, retention, promotion figures and data from engagement surveys.
  • Focus groups and interviews to further understand the hard data.
  • Observation of leaders, managers and teams in the live environment to see them in action.
Bespoke Leadership, Management and Team development programmes
Using the diagnostics information we can design a truly bespoke programme building on core strengths and specifically meeting development and organisation’s needs. We have a team of highly experienced facilitators, trainers and graphic facilitators who will deliver the programmes in an inspiring and engaging manner. We can also incorporate executive coaching and psychometrics profiling to enhance and support embedding the learning.
How we do this
We take time to understand the client’s needs and to clarify desired outcomes and objectives and measures of success. We design / plan the proposed approach and test with the sponsor before delivering the intervention. The achievement of desired outcomes is then evaluated with sponsor and programme participants.

We combine a coaching and facilitation based approach to our development programmes incorporating a range of learning techniques to accommodate different learning styles. We include a range of interactive tools and techniques and where appropriate make use of Action Learning Sets.

To talk to us about any people development needs that you may have, contact us.