What We do

Team Coaching & Facilitation

In sport, team coaches are seen as an essential part of the process for that team to be able to perform at its best. Today, more and more businesses are adopting the same approach to their own teams to develop trust, improve communication and increase overall performance.

Effective team coaching gives due attention to 4 key areas:

  • The organisational context.
  • Team purpose and identity.
  • Individual roles and needs.
  • Ways of working.

We work with teams ranging from middle managers to senior leaders and executive boards and team coaching often follows on from a programme of one to one coaching.

How we can help
Our expert coaches and facilitators can work with your teams to help them look at how they work, not just what they do and gain absolute clarity and insight into how their performance can be enhanced. Our facilitators and coaches can provide a safe forum for a team to be honest and make a commitment to do things differently in the future. We can provide group and team facilitation services to enable free interaction, exploration and discussion of issues, to develop group understanding of the differences that may divide them and to help the group achieve a consensus on the way forward.

Specifically we can help a team to rise above the daily grind and gain clarity on:

  • What’s working well and what isn’t.
  • How they interact individually and what impact that has.
  • Their strengths and vulnerabilities.
  • How to make quicker better decisions.
  • Develop clearer communication.
  • Create trust and empowering relationships.

In addition we can work with a team on a chosen specific priority (e.g. an executive team to develop or review the strategy) to identify, where they are now, what the priorities are, what hurdles they need to overcome and to create an action plan to make the changes required.

How we do this
The facilitator works with the sponsor and the group to understand the purpose, scope and deliverables of the meeting. They create a safe environment for all with mutual respect, establish ground rules and value everyone’s input and creativity. The facilitator maintains the flow of the meeting with a variety of tools and techniques, enabling and empowering the team to process their inputs and explore difficult issues. They encourage, coach and energise where necessary, offering feedback where appropriate, helping them achieve agreed outcomes and ensuring that an action plan is created and agreed by the group. The facilitator ensures that each participant leaves the session with a clear understanding of what happens next and evaluates the group and their own performance of the session.

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