What We do

Change Management & Business Consultancy

How we can help you:

Examples of things we can support you in are:-

  • Successfully implementing any improvement and change; whether a strategic change across the organisation, a “game changer shift” or a “burning platform” need or issue that needs addressing right now. We can help you from planning and preparing for the journey, helping you undertake it, through to embedding a culture of continuous improvement ensuring that changes are smoothly and successfully implemented to achieve lasting benefits.
  • Creating clarity – defining what the organisation is here for (mission) and where it wants to go next (vision) and communicating this to the right people, at the right time, in the most inspiring and engaging way.
  • Developing a delivery strategy – creating a focussed plan detailing how you are going to get there, who is going to do what and by when.
  • Creating coherence and alignment of strategy and operations for better business outcomes.
  • Creating the culture and behaviours that truly reflect your organisation’s brand and what you aspire to be.
  • Putting together the most appropriate structure to deliver the strategy.
  • Strengthening inter-personnel trust, cooperation and communication where employees are encouraged to solve problems and participate enthusiastically and take responsibility for achieving organisational goals.
  • Creating resilience – engendering a perspective of change as an opportunity and being resourceful in managing the unexpected.

How we do this:

We work as an integral part of your team to help you achieve the type and level of change you want to see. We provide a change solution that is explicitly tailored to suit your business culture and delivers upon your specific requirements.

We concentrate on solving, not just diagnosing your problems. We help deliver the improvements and change needed; we don’t just consult on the approach. Our approach will reduce resistance to change, increase participation in the change process and build a capability within the organisation for continued improvement activity well beyond the current change programme.

We can guide you through any improvement and change that your organisation needs joining you at any stage in your journey, from planning and preparing to helping you undertake it and embedding a culture of continuous improvement.

Typical stages to our change management approach are:

  • Planning – gaining clarity and focus.
  • Preparing – getting ready.
  • Implementation – making it stick.
  • Making it stick – maintaining momentum.

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