Why You Might Need Us

The most common problems we help our clients with are listed below – if any of these apply to you please contact us here

  • Our people are not clear why we exist (mission) and where we are heading (vision)
  • We’re not sure we have the best structure to achieve our goals
  • Our culture is out of date and doesn’t support our strategy
  • Our people don’t clearly understand our values and their behaviour doesn’t reflect them.
  • Our teams are not clear about their roles and responsibility – there’s not enough accountability for getting things done
  • We don’t seem to have the time, the energy or sometimes the ‘know how’ to refine our ideas and develop a clear strategy
  • Business is getting more competitive and challenging and we are struggling to compete
  • We’re keen to enter new markets, develop new products / services but need help creating a clear strategy and action plan
  • We have a huge change we need to make and we’re afraid people won’t get it and won’t buy in
  • Our current change programme is experiencing strong resistance and is in danger of failing

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  • We have a high turnover of staff and we struggle to engage, inspire, motivate and empower our people to get the best out of them
  • We can’t seem to attract, build and retain the right talent – we need succession planning but don’t know where to start
  • People are failing to deliver against objectives, problems are occurring that shouldn’t be and performance isn’t where it needs to be
  • We often put off having the difficult conversations until poor performance issues reach crisis point
  • We’re not sure we have the right leaders to take the business and our people where we want and need to go
  • We have new leaders and managers taking on new responsibilities but they don’t know where to start or understand what’s really important
  • Some of us feel stuck in rut and don’t know why or just can’t seem to break out of habits / behaviours that don’t serve us well
  • Our people seem very afraid of and resistant to change
  • We need to be better at managing our board and stakeholders
  • We are often embroiled in time-sucking and energy-draining politics and conflict that we don’t know how to deal with effectively
  • Communication is inconsistent and fragmented and we’re often overwhelmed by workload and pressures with no-one to turn to
  • We find it difficult to step back, let go, delegate and get out of the detail
  • We have problem focussed staff, who are not taking ownership and are plagued by never ending “Can I just have 5 minutes” conversations
  • Our teams seem to have “run out of steam” and there is a silo mentality

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  • We don’t have the right corporate governance supported by the right structures, procedures, clarity and accountability
  • Our projects are often poorly structured, poorly thought out and seem to take ages to ‘get going’
  • Our project reporting and governance seems very onerous and doesn’t really tell us what we need to know
  • We don’t know how to present information so that senior managers can evaluate and prioritise projects easily
  • Projects seem to drag on without really making progress and we don’t know why
  • Our processes and procedures are out of date, overly complex and no longer fit for purpose
  • People don’t seem to follow process consistently
  • We are burdened by new regulation /legislation and don’t know how to deal with it
  • We seem to be struggling for space
  • Our work environment isn’t conducive to collaborative and creative working

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We can help you successfully address these problems and our support focuses on the three areas below. To find out exactly how we can help click here